Kings (王, Ō) are male monarchic rulers of a kingdom. In the world of Fairy One Piece Tail there are many royal families who control the local governments of different nations.

"All that I can do is human in nature..."

—Words of Nebra Nefeltari, King of Alabasta.


There are several kings in the world with very different ruling styles.

A few fit the stereotypical description of tyrants driven by avarice and cruelty, such as the spoiled Wapol forcing his subjects to beg him for medical treatments while having no political skills, and the king of Goa ordered the burning of the Gray Terminal to clean up his kingdom's image. Such kings are viewed with scorn and disdain by their oppressed subjects, and can even be overthrown.

Others, however, are more benevolent rulers, bearing good intentions for their kingdom, and are willing to sacrifice themselves if necessary. Such examples include Nebra Nefeltari and Neptune, both of whom were well beloved by their country.

Doflamingo Don Quixote, the king of Dressrosa, is something of a mix between a tyrant and a benevolent ruler. He gains popularity amongst the citizens by conning his way into their hearts with a fraudulent heroic performance and false promises, but secretly enslaves them and erasing memories of their existences for his underground profits. Only upon his true colors being exposed did the entire kingdom attempts to overthrow him, at which point he announces that he should have ruled over them with an iron fist from the beginning.

Although a king is guarded by their Royal Guards, some kings are powerful fighters and sometimes even Curséd Fruit users themselves, such as Wapol, Doflamingo, and Elizabello II. Neptune was once a soldier himself, and his sons are also trained in combat and are considered to be their respective kingdom's greatest fighters. Dold Riku III was a highly trained gladiator, and even in his advanced age, he remains powerful. Judge Vinsmoke, the Germa Kingdom's king, is the direct commander of the kingdom's army, Germa 66; it is implied that he led the army in the infamous incident known as the Conquest of Four Nations, in which he single-handedly killed four kings in North Blue.

A king has great political influence and authority, and under circumstances, may be able to fraternize with criminals without consequences. The king of Goa contracted the Bluejam Pirates for their services in several occasions, and offered to use his authority as king to invite them to nobility as a reward for a huge "cleanup" mission. Although the king was merely using the pirates as scapegoats and ultimately betrayed them, this suggests that he could override their criminal statuses that the government placed on them. Kings are also known to be involved in the underworld of brokering without fear of the law, as they patronized slave shops and dealt with weapon traffickers. On the other hand, neither Kings Nebra nor Riku were able to harbor Fairy Tail's Team Natsu or the Straw Hat Pirates for extended periods of time, due to Natsu and Luffy's severe actions of defeating multiple Warlords, among a long list of other crimes, being a high-class threats against the government.

According to Trebol, Conqueror's Haki is proof of an individual who possesses the qualities of a king, a candidate chosen by heaven. For this reason, they believe Doflamingo is destined to be their monarch who will rule over the entire sea, and treated him with the utmost reverence.

Known KingsEdit

Current KingsEdit

  • Dalton became the new king of the Drum Kingdom after Wapol's defeat, changing it to the Sakura Kingdom.
  • King Dold Riku III is the preceding, as well as the succeeding, king of Dressrosa to the one who usurped his former position, Doflamingo Don Quixote. After Doflamingo was defeated and captured, Dold Riku was requested to return to his former position.

Former KingsEdit

  • There was an unnamed king in an unknown kingdom 15 years before the start of the series, who would have surrendered his kingship to pirates had Lucci Rob not executed the pirates and the 500 soldiers being held hostage.
  • Wapol's father was ruling when Roger D. Gol was executed. His death led to his son succeeding him. In movie 9, he had another son, Musshuru, as the first prince of the kingdom.
  • There was an unnamed king of Lvneel 400 years before the start of the series.
  • There was an unnamed king in an unknown kingdom 15 years before the start of the series, that traveled to the Kamabakka Queendom, and came back as an okama, which tore both their family and the country apart, leading to the prince to turn to piracy.
  • There was an unnamed king ruling the Goa Kingdom 12 years before the start of the series.
  • A king of an unknown kingdom has surrendered once Doflamingo was defeated, knowing he lost his supplier of weapons for the war.

Supposed KingsEdit

  • Hordy Jones gave himself the title of king after overthrowing the Ryugu Kingdom.
  • Caesar Clown called himself the "King of the Land of Death" (死の国の王, Shi no Kuni no Ō) after assimilating Shinokuni.

King as an EpithetEdit

  • Roger D. Gol: "'King of the Pirates" (海賊団の王, Kaizokudan no Ō)
  • Crocodile: "King of the Desert" (砂漠の王, Sabaku no Ō)
  • Masira: "Salvage King" (サルベージ王, Sarubēji-Ō)
  • Shojo: "Sonar King" (海底探索王, Kaitei Tansaku-Ō)
  • Sogeking: "King of the Snipers" (狙撃の王, Sogeki no Ō)
  • Ryuma: "Ryuma de King" (リューマ・ド・キング, Ryūma do Kingu)
  • Brook: "Soul King" (ソウルキング, Souru Kingu)
  • Cat Viper: "King/Ruler of Night" (夜の王, Yoru no Ō)
  • Dogstorm: "King/Ruler of Day" (昼の王, Hiru no Ō)
  • Eric Dow (filler): "King" (キング, Kingu)


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